Installation So Mobile Ultimate

1. Extensions Installer

Go to ExtensionsInstaller › Click Upload and select the file to upload. Then you will see the message Success: You have installed your extension!


If you get this error: file could not be uploaded, you can do these steps

Make sure your PHP value requirements look like:

max_input_vars = 25000


Or you can try install the theme via FTP/Cpanel

  1. Please upload the theme package to your root file
  2. Use cpanel account to unzip it
  3. Move all folders into ‘upload’ folder to Root folder
  4. Go to Admin › Extensions › Extensions › filter Modules › Click install Theme control panel module
  5. After that, go to Admin › Extensions › Modifications › click Refresh button
  6. Try go to Admin › Systems › Users › User groups › Edit administrator › click Select All >> Save

2. Extensions Active

Go to Extensions Extensions › Click Install button

3. Access Permission

Go to System UserUser Group › Click Edit button › Then you click Select All button

4. Rebuild your modification cache

Go to ExtensionsModifications › Click Refresh button to rebuild your modification cache

5. Theme Control Panel

Go to ExtensionsTheme Control Panel and edit your store: General Tab, Layout Tab, Page Tab...

Install Mobile Theme For journal


After you have finished installing the mobile theme, the content is not displayed. Follow these steps

  1. Go to Admin › Journal › Layout › Home Mobile . Add module mobile pagebuilder to content top. Click Save
  2. Go to Admin › Journal › Layout › Account . Add module So Dashboard to column right. Click Save
  3. Go out the Homepage to see the results

General Tab

Go to admin › OpenCartWorks › So Mobile › General

1.Select Layout - Choose the layout that you like. Click button Apply Default Setting Choose the Layout

  • New Color - Set name color (do not uppercase letters) and fill color. Continue Click button Compile CSS.
  • Select Color - Select the color you just created › Click button Save


  • Mobile Status On - use layout mobile/ Off - use layout responsive
  • Logo Mobile - Choose a image path
  • Sticky Top Bar - Attach sidebar to top the page when the user scrolls
  • Copyright - It is the content to Copyright

Bottom Bar Tab

Go to admin › OpenCartWorks › So Mobile › Bottom Bar

  • Show Bottom Bar - Options (yes/no)
  • Show Menu More - Options (yes/no)

View Frontend:

Panel Left Tab

Go to admin › OpenCartWorks › So Mobile › Left Bar

  • Show Search - Options (yes/no)
  • Show Main Menu - Options (yes/no)
  • Show All Category - Options (yes/no)
  • Show Category - Options (yes/no)
  • Show Wistlist - Options (yes/no)
  • Show Compare - Options (yes/no)

View Frontend:

Category Page Tab

Go to admin › OpenCartWorks › So Mobile › Page

  • More Category Button - Options (yes/no)
  • Compare Button - Options (yes/no)
  • Wishlist Button - Options (yes/no)
  • Addtocart Button - Options (yes/no)

View Frontend:

Fonts Tab

Go to admin › OpenCartWorks › So Mobile › font Tab

  • Font Setting standard - It is the default fonts of the system
  • Font Setting Google Fonts - It is the Google fonts, fast, and open through great typography.
  • Google URL - Example:,500,700 ⇒ View More
  • Google Family - Example: Roboto, sans-serif;
  • Add css selectors - is the css selectors of setting

Advanced Tab

Go to admin › OpenCartWorks › So Mobile › Advanced

  • SCSS Compile - Compile scss source for get css styles using
  • User Developer Compile Muti Color - Only user developer

So Mega Mobile

Go to admin › Extensions › Module › So Mega Mobile => Select item So Mega Menu - Horizontal.

1.Example So Mega Mobile :

So Search

Go to Admin › Extensions › Module › So Search Pro => Select item So Search pro.

So Page Builder

Go to Admin › Extensions › Module › So Page Builder => Select item Home Mobile.

1.Example So Page Builder : Edit Mobile Page Builder - Home 1

Extension Configuration

There are two ways to configure Extensions of this Theme:

Option 1: Go to Admin Control Panel => OpenCartWorks => So Page Builder => Select the Layout you want.

Themes is using extensions:

  1. So Page Builder: Click here to read user guide
  2. So Mega Menu: Click here to read user guide
  3. So Onepage Checkout: Click here to read user guide
  4. So Search Pro: Click here to read user guide
  5. So Home Slider: Click here to read user guide
  6. So Category Slider: Click here to read user guide
  7. So Listing Tabs: Click here to read user guide
  8. So Extra Slider: Click here to read user guide
  9. So Deals: Click here to read user guide
  10. So Filter Shop By: Click here to read user guide
  11. So Latest Blog: Click here to read user guide
  12. So Newsletter Custom Popup: Click here to read user guide
  13. So Social Login: Click here to read user guide
  14. So Instagram Gallery: Click here to read user guide
  15. So Quickview: Click here to read user guide

Option 2: Go to Admin Control PanelExtensionsExtensions › Choose the extension type: Modules => And choose the module you want.

Help & Support

If you have any question that is beyond the scope of this help file, please send us via: Submit a Ticket

Our working hours: Monday to Friday 8AM - 5PM GMT+8.

Thank you so much for purchasing this theme!

What do we support and do not support?

We Do Support:

  • Provide detailed documentation to help you install and configure the theme successfully by yourself.
  • Answer your enquiries about theme configuration and use.
  • Answer you how to edit and translate the language files.
  • Fix bugs of our themes ONLY if the source code are not modified.

We Do Not Support:

  • Upgrading the theme on your store if the source code was modified by any reasons.
  • Editing the theme's source code for your own requirements which the theme's current version is not supported. Except editing language files.


Note: We have right to answer or not answer you how to edit the theme's source code.